Few Words About Us

We are mango farmers for the past 4 decades with a motive to deliver fresh quality delicious mango to customer. Aanandha vanam (our farm) is our major source for delivering quality mangoes as utmost care is taken at every stage of its development. Every plant is selected and handpicked from the best parent source which plays a vital role in bearing, quality of fruit and its deliciousness. Every plant is given utmost personal care as we consider them a part of our family.
We produce a wide varieties of mangoes which include Banganapalli, Himmayat, Suvarnarekha, cherukurasam, totapuri, panukulman etc, with over 7000 trees available with a production capacity of over 1000 metric tons.

Over the years we have adopted modern techniques for selective harvesting, grading and packaging which helped us in improving quality of mangoes being delivered to customers.

Our Mission

Being mango farmers for the past four decades, exporting mangoes to various wholesale fruit merchants within India, we have experienced every stage of the socio-economic condition of the mango farming community as well as the degrading quality of the fruit reaching end customer due to increase of links in the fruit supply chain.

"Breaking from decades old traditional mango fruit supply chain, we wish to renovate it. Traditional mango fruit supply chain kept getting complicated with the increase in mid-levels paying a heavy toll on the quality of fruit being delivered to end customer. We wish to reduce links in the supply chain and supply mangoes directly to well established retail chains or consumer outlets, which are the go-to places for quality products of the new changing generation, as the customers priority based on the quality of the product."


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