Mango is considered the king of fruits due to its delicious taste accompanied with excellent flavor and attractive fragrance. The flavor and fragrance differs from variety to variety, each having unique fragrance which also helps in identifying the tree variety during off season.

"There are a wide variety of mangoes available around the world, as they differ from place to place due to different soil and climatic conditions. Famous varieties we produce are listed below."

Introduced by the royal family of Bangana palli in karnool, Andhra Pradesh is the most commercially grown variety in Andhra Pradesh. Raw mango tastes sweet and ripe fruit has sweet firm yellow fibreless pulp.
Himapasandh ( Himmayat )  
It is the famous mango variety of the south, with very sweet delicious taste with zero fibre. This variety is not available in large quantities in market as they are cultivated only on small scale due to their low bearing capacity bearing once in two years.
It is a special variety of south india especially Andhra Pradesh. Its special status is due to its golden maroon blush and a unique tasty juice. These are medium sized fruits which tastes exceptionally good when almost ripe and tangy when raw.
It is a juicy variety cultivated mostly in Andhra. Its name comes from its taste which is similar to sugarcane juice. These are medium sized and tastes delicious only after fully ripe.
It is regular heavy bearing mango variety of south india. Fruits are medium to large size weighing from 250 gms to 850 gms with typical flavor and flat taste. It is one of the main varieties grown for pulp and pickle manufacturing.
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